The Easiest Solution for Accepting Payments and Shipping to 240 Countries

SwipeZoom is an online payment processor and a logistics company in one. We remove all the risk, complexity and delays of cross-border e-commerce, allowing you to instantly sell and ship your products to customers around the globe.


Sell To 2 Billion Customers

Project a global image. Transact confidently and directly with 2 billion online shoppers from your existing website. Accept payments and get your product into the hands of international customers in 240 countries.


Remove All The Financial Risk

Expanding internationally exposes you to the risk of fraud and currency fluctuation. SwipeZoom assumes all these risks and costs. You get paid an exact amount in your currency, each time, every time. Guaranteed.


Local Feel. Global Reach

Sell over there like you do at home. Welcome international customers to your website. SwipeZoom internationalizes your checkout, allowing customers from across the world to transact as if they were across the street.


Invisible Solution

From your back door directly to your international customer’s front door. No extra costs or delay. SwipeZoom invisibly internationalizes your existing process, eliminating the need for third party fulfillment centers.


Incredibly Simple To Integrate

From a plug-n-play solution that takes 10 minutes to install, to a more bespoke API implementation, SwipeZoom has a variety of options available to suit the needs of an e-commerce business of any size.


When are you going global?

If you were an online customer…

Wouldn’t you want to know the exact final price of an item before you bought it? Wouldn’t you prefer to pay for it in your currency, using the payment method you always use? Wouldn’t you want trackable express delivery that didn’t cost the earth?

It’s not rocket science.

Stop losing international sales on your website. Start converting international visitors into customers by making them feel they’re shopping at a local store.

You’ll be in good company

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