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Guaranteed Duties & Taxes

Telling your international customers they’ll have to pay an additional unknown amount on delivery is as good as not telling them anything. Give your international customers a definite all-inclusive cost at checkout with SwipeZoom’s Guaranteed Duties & Taxes


Low Shipping Rates

International shipping is often expensive and a leading cause of cart abandonment. SwipeZoom has global bulk pricing negotiated with world renowned couriers. Start offering your customers best-in-class international delivery options at super low prices


Local Address Formats

Every country has its own address format. One country’s postcode is another’s PLZ; while in some cases it may not even exist. Show your international customers you know how things work where they are. Ask for their address in their format, not yours


108 Transaction Currencies

Nobody likes to be told “it’s my way or the highway”, least of all your international customers. Allow your customers to shop and pay in their local currency. With SwipeZoom, customers pay in their currency, while you get paid in yours


Multiple Payment Methods

Some customers like to pay with credit cards, some with debit cards and others may prefer to pay by local bank transfer. In addition to major credit cards, SwipeZoom lets your customers use their favorite local payment method on your website


PCI Compliant

Customers take a leap of faith when making an online purchase. Give your international customers the assurance of a PCI compliant transaction, and the comfort of knowing their personal and payment information is secure at all times



Less than 5% of the world’s population are native English speakers. To be successful in selling in foreign countries, it is imperative to project a customized, friendly and familiar image. Speak to your international customers in their language, not yours



Decrease abandonment & convert traffic into sales


Risk Management

Selling internationally comes with its share of fraud and currency fluctuation risk. SwipeZoom’s sophisticated fraud and currency tools allow us to assume all fraud-related chargebacks and guarantee you a pre-determined exact amount in your currency for each transaction, regardless of the customer’s payment currency


International Checkout

The biggest challenge of international ecommerce is figuring out how to treat your international customers the same as your domestic customers. SwipeZoom seamlessly and invisibly localizes your checkout, allowing customers to pay a guaranteed landed cost in their currency, with their local payment method, using their address format and in their language


PCI Compliance

It is incumbent on e-commerce retailers to be able to store, process and transmit credit card data in a safe and secure manner, as per PCI-DSS guidelines. Annual certification can be a time consuming and expensive process to manage. With SwipeZoom using the latest tokenization technology, all payments processed on your website are PCI compliant


Customs Compliance

Products freely sold in one country are often banned or restricted in another. SwipeZoom screens each customer’s basket for restricted products, destination, recipient, value and quantity, before the purchase is made. Our global trade compliance databases are updated on a weekly basis. We go to great lengths so you don’t have to


Shipping Automation

So your customer just placed an order. Now your warehouse team needs to prepare the order with the relevant documentation and ship it out. SwipeZoom’s OMS gives your shipping department an automated pick/pack/ship process which not only books a shipment pickup with SwipeZoom’s courier, but also generates the bespoke international customs documents and declarations


Customer Service

A transaction is the beginning of a relationship with a customer. Failure to provide your international customers with the right quality of after-sales care can have devastating effects on your business. SwipeZoom empowers your customer care team with all the information and tools needed to provide the same high level of service to your international customers as you do to your domestic clients


Returns & Reverse Logistics

Treating all your customers the same, no matter where they are, is the key to increasing conversion and decreasing cart abandonment. With SwipeZoom, you can offer your international customers simplified returns, that are not only seamlessly automated and cost effective, but also allow you to project a truly global image of your business


Single Integrated Relationship

A successful international strategy has many facets, each with its unique set of challenges. Bringing together relationships with merchant banks, payment gateways, courier companies and customs brokers in various countries onto a unified platform and then managing them yourself is neither easy nor cost-effective. SwipeZoom lets you focus on your core business, while seamlessly and invisibly taking care of all your international payments and global logistics needs

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