Salsa’s internationalization.
As the brand’s popularity grew, its infrastructure didn’t need to.

A good product, a popular brand and a great eCommerce site seems like an ideal combination, but it could rapidly fizzle out if you can’t get product into the hands of your international customers.

With bricks-and-mortar growth and popularity of its range of figure enhancing jeans, Salsa launched its eCommerce site in 2010. Shipping within the EU proved relatively easy, but international fulfilment was a completely different story. Starting with the international customer’s experience on their website to the warehouse, logistics and back office processes, customs hold ups due to paperwork and duties and tax uncertainty: it was a challenge.

raquel_salsaWe haven’t had to invest in any additional infrastructure, disrupt our processes or retrain personnel to go global.” 

– Raquel Ribeiro, Digital Business Manager

Working closely with Raquel Ribeiro, Salsa’s Digital Business Manager, the Swipezoom integration team, within a matter of days, set up and configured the system with a multilingual checkout, duties & tax calculation, alerts, notifications and even an intelligent returns process with country-specific rules.

Once integrated, Salsa was instantly transformed into a global brand with a local feel, able to sell and ship to several countries, by giving their international customers a guaranteed landed cost, including duties & taxes, low international shipping rates, country sensitive checkout, translation and local address formats. Their international customers were made to feel welcomed and treated like domestic customers.

“We had so much demand from online customers overseas, that our first international transaction took place within minutes of launching Swipezoom on our site, and since then there’s been no looking back”, says Ribeiro. “Our growth through internationalization is immeasurable and the only question sometimes asked is “why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Salsa integrated Swipezoom’s API into their bespoke eCommerce platform. Swipezoom also has plug-ins, extensions and apps available for several popular eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and X-Cart.

“The best part is that our warehouse personnel process international orders the exact same way as they do domestic orders, with Swipezoom invisibly and automatically taking care of all the customs compliant paperwork, declarations, shipment pickups and alerts behind the scenes,” adds Ribeiro.

Swipezoom eliminates the need for 3rd party fulfilment by optimizing the retailer’s own existing infrastructure and breaking down the complexities of cross-border trade.

Don’t let the obstacles of internationalization hold you back. Try Swipezoom for free.